Expectations of a Racer (Semesters 101)

Semesters 101


Life on the Field


-We must always operate with flexibility in traveling overseas-this can include departure times, ministry plans, etc.

Weekly Blogging

-This is a way for you and your team to honor family, friends and supporters. It’s also important to remember that blogging is a ministry tool.

-We encourage students to be real and vulnerable, but please remember that the words we use can bring life or death, and we want to always bring life to our team, our contacts, and the country that God led us to serve.

-Please do not blog about sickness.

Wifi/Social Media

-On occasion social media and communicating back home becomes a distraction from what God is doing. When this becomes a distraction, leaders will have conversations about time management and remaining present-this could look like limiting the use on wifi.

Meeting Needs

-There may be times when felt needs can be met, but you need to think through the consequences and talk to your host first. Your host will know how to better distribute items.



48 Hour Rule

-If someone is sick for more than 48 hours, we expect them to go to the doctor. We will make sure their parents are informed of their sickness. If there’s a need for the parent to speak to the participant, we’ll make that happen.

Ask your host if you can:

-Drink the local water

-Brush your teeth with the water

-Get ice in your drinks

-Eat unpeeled fruit and vegetables

Be cautious and smart with street food



With Parents/Family

– We expect participants to keep parents well informed (travel plans, mild illness, etc.)

– Make sure that your parents/family have the Emergency Line number! Please remember this is for emergencies only.

With the Office

– We never desire to withhold information, but we do value making sure that things are communicated with intention. You are always welcome to ask questions about decisions.

Emergency Line: +1.877.356.9266

-Select the World Race/Semesters Emergency Line option



Money Raised

-This money is God’s money that has been entrusted to Adventures.

-It is important that students and their parents have read and understand Adventures’ Fundraising Policies found on their profile page.

Field Finances

-Each team has been set up with a team budget.

-Team leaders are responsible for stewarding this budget.




-This is the most important thing you own on the field; therefore, protect it

-Discuss with your host what a good location is to store your passport during the trip

-Don’t carry your passport around on a daily basis unless necessary

Motor Vehicles

-You should never drive or ride a moto

-You should never drive an automobile


-Wear backpacks in front and purses across shoulder

-Put wallets in front pocket

Carrying Money

-Don’t pull large amounts of money out in public areas and don’t carry large bills

Negotiating Price

-Always agree on a price before accepting a good or service (including transportation)

Being Alone

-You should always be with at least one other person. Never be alone

-Ask your host how many people should be together when walking around


-Don’t leave them in open sight, even at your house



Semesters empowers leaders to lead from a place of grace, self-governance and following the voice of God. Because of this, we have very few hard and fast rules in place to honor our ministry hosts and to help participants focus on sharing the gospel and serving the nations. We have put in place three “non-negotiables”:


No Dating

No Alcohol

No Smoking


Appropriate Dress

Clothing carries messages about who you are, what you are doing and what you believe. We always honor the culture we are in and expectations and guidelines set by hosts. We never want our dress to affect our ability to do ministry or to affect the relationships that have already been built by ministry hosts. You are expected to maintain a well groomed and clean appearance that will represent Christ, the World Race, and your host’s ministry well.


  • Bring at least one pair of nice pants or slacks and a collared shirt.

  • Regular swim trunks (no speedos or very short swim shorts)

  • Keep chest covered (no large armholes or tanks cut very low.)

  • You should wear a shirt at all times unless sleeping or at the beach. (Even when doing manual labor.)

  • Shorts should only be worn when deemed appropriate by your ministry host. When shorts are appropriate they must end no more than 5″ above the top of your kneecap (about a palm’s width.)


  • Skirts and dresses must be at least knee length. In some countries, dresses and skirts will need to be floor length, so make sure to also bring long options as well.  

  • Pants are also appropriate for some ministry opportunities.

  • Shorts should only be worn when deemed appropriate by your ministry host. When shorts are appropriate they must end no more than 5″ above the top of your kneecap (about a palm’s width.) Shorts that hit the 5” mark should be loose fitting, as most cultures do not wear tight fitting clothing. Nike Running shorts are not appropriate to wear. You should never workout in shorts that don’t fit dress code.

  • Leggings may only be worn for warmth or under shorts/dresses that fit the dress code.

  • Yoga pants should only be worn in private quarters if there are no locals or ministry partners around or staying with you. You should never work out, run etc. in public wearing yoga pants.

  • Bathing suits must be full coverage (one piece or full length tankini.) In some countries you may be required to wear shirts and pants to swim. A tank top and Nike running shorts is an appropriate bathing suit, but should only be worn with the intention of swimming.

  • Bring modest clothing to sleep in. If your sleeping location is connected to a ministry host/family and/or ministry site, your sleeping attire should model the dress code that you are given for ministry.

  • Sheer or see through clothing is not appropriate at any time.

  • Be cautious of loose, flowy clothing that hangs off shoulders, shows bra straps or falls down when you bend over. Tank tops can be loose but should not show your bra, including sports bras. Undergarments should never be visible. Racerback tank tops are not allowed.

  • For ministry, shirts should have a minimum of a cap sleeve. If it is appropriate to wear sleeveless shirts during down time or private time a wide strap is appropriate. No spaghetti straps are ever appropriate. Ministry hosts will communicate whether shoulders can be shown during ministry time, and if so, tank tops should not have spaghetti straps or racerback.


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