Final Reminders!

Guys…you launch on your Semesters trips in officially less than one week!! YAY!

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I’m sure many of you are trying to pack and repack. You’re getting ready to say goodbye and see you later to many loved ones. I know you’re super excited to start this, you’ve been thinking about and dreaming about it for weeks and months, and at the same time many of you are feeling nervous or anxious to leave the comforts of home to meet strangers that will become your family. Maybe you are even having some doubts about this. 


Rest assured, He has called you. Let the Father hold your hand as you take steps of faith. Enjoy the small conversations with family and friends. Enjoy packing and repacking, stuffing and squeezing (you eventually will become experts at packing). Enjoy time with God, inviting Him into whatever you’re experiencing during this transition. Be thankful. Rest. 


You all have worked soooo hard to fundraise for this trip. You’ve shared your hearts with family and friends, and probably a few strangers. Your testimonies have had a domino effect in your community, and will continue as you take leaps of faith over the next few weeks and months. Celebrate all of the Father’s provision in this journey. He has blessed you. He is taking you from glory to glory, and He will continue you on this journey every day for the rest of your life. Woo! 

My final reminders for you: 


1. Copies of your passport, travel insurance info (on your profile), and any other important documents: Please make a few copies of your documents; they are great to have in case you lose something. (It isn’t a bad idea to leave copies with your loved ones as well, in case they need your information while you are gone.) Also, please remember your actual passport too… 🙂 


2. Visas: Bring 2 extra visa photos (the 2 inch x 2 inch passport photos you can get at Walgreens, CVS, etc.). These are always wise to have while traveling in case needed for visas, and these are required for the Cambodia/Thailand team! And for the India/Nepal team, remember to bring a personal credit card! For more information on visas by team, check out this blog


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3. Don’t forget: Prescription medicine and refills, bug spray, and sunscreen. 🙂 Travel day compression socks are beautiful things to have for long bus rides and long flights. These travel days can create cankles (swollen ankles), and nobody likes those.


4. Your pack/suitcase needs to be at or under your airline’s guideline (airines specified in flight itineraries blog), which is typically 40-50 pounds or less. The lighter the better. Your daypack should be about the size of a school backpack or smaller to carry onto the plane. Again, these recommendations are to ensure you meet airline guidelines! 

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5. Arrival Reminders: 

If you are FLYING in for Training Camp: When your flight arrives, grab your pack from baggage claim, and then make your way to the lower level of the DOMESTIC TERMINAL, between the Lower North 1 (LN1) and Lower North 2 (LN2) doors, beside the hotel shuttles. An Adventures staff person will be there by around 1:30PM to meet you. Don’t hesitate to ask an airport employee for help finding the meeting spot! An Adventures shuttle will transport you from the airport to training camp around 2:00PM. Please pick up your bags and head to the meeting spot quickly once you land.  

If you are DRIVING to camp: You need to arrive between 3:30PM – 4:30PM EST at 6000 Wellspring Trail, Gainesville, GA 30506.

For any additional travel information, including the Emergency Contact Information, click HERE.

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6. Wifi: Your family might be asking about how your communication will go in these first few weeks. You will have access at the beginning to let loved ones know you arrived safely, however, it might be a few days before they hear from you again. So go ahead and give your loved ones a heads up. For more info on expectations for technology, click HERE.

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7. Alert your banks and credit card company: Call your bank. Call your credit card company. Let them know of your travel plans, so that your cards aren’t locked down the first time you use them overseas. For other reminders about your personal spending money, click here

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8. Dress code: Remember to pack only clothes that meet dress code. If you fail to comply with the dress code, we will ask you to change clothes. The dress code is outlined on your profile. You will be asked to change if you are in something that doesn’t align with the dress code (starting when you arrive at camp). Remember our heart is to respect the cultures we are going to minister in and experience new places around the globe. 


9. Expectations of a Racer: Please read over this document about the World Race Semesters program that the directors have created for you. This will give you a good idea of expectations of the program and staff. You will discuss this more at camp, but we wanted you to have it prior to arrival.


10. World Race Semesters Commitment: On the same token, please read through this document that outlines the vision of World Race Semesters and how we expect you to respond as you walk through your World Race journey. We will ask you to commit to this at training camp, so acquaint yourself with this now, and let me know if you have any questions ahead of time! 


11. Flight Itineraries: If you haven’t already noticed, your flight itineraries have been posted on the launch blog! It’s getting real!  


13. Fundraising: As you know, your 100% deadline was yesterday! If you’re not there yet, remember you need to be at 100% of your fundraising goal upon your arrival at training camp to be able to check in. If you find yourself below the 100% deadline, you should be in contact with me about how you are reaching that goal in the next few days! 


14. Training Camp Worship: Our worship team has been hard at work preparing some amazing songs to help you connect with the Lord through times of corporate worship. Feel free to listen through this playlist (Spotify, YouTube) to become more familiar with some songs you might hear before you arrive!



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Have a wonderful weekend! I can’t wait to see y’all!!!!!!! 





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