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Ministry and Packing Information

Your Semesters trip is getting closer and closer, and we can’t wait to share even more details with you about what your trip will entail! Without further ado, your much anticipated ministry and packing information is here!

We work really hard to give you the most accurate and detailed information about your trip as soon as possible. However, working with ministries overseas, things can change. We will update you of any changes to your ministry details as soon as they happen. We’re so excited for the journey the Lord has you on!

Below you will find each trip’s ministry information. Within the document, you will also find the packing list (remember to google typical weather for where you’ll be!), specific packing needs for your trip, and some great details of what to expect on your trip.

Note: You will see that certain squads will be split into two ministries, one team at each ministry. We will be creating teams next week and announce those as soon as possible! 


South Africa to Lesotho


Guatemala and Nicaragua 


India and Nepal


Cambodia and Thailand


Colombia to Peru


Again, know that details and information can possibly change between now and when you arrive. If any changes happen, we will communicate those to you as soon as possible.


Let us know if you have any questions! 

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