The Low Down on Training Camp!

Your bags are packed.

(Or you’ve at least thought about packing a bag. . . right?) 

You’re super pumped.

(Or nervous or antsy . . .that’s okay. . . so is everyone else!)

You’re busy writing thank you notes to all your supporters.

(Ahem.  You know your Aunt Lila is dying to hear from you.)


There is no doubt you’re headed out on the adventure of a lifetime!   

So let’s talk about this thing called training camp. 

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(Yikes! Maybe not that kind of training camp.)


Camp begins when you arrive at our main office in Gainesville, Georgia on the first day of your trip and lasts until you fly to your destination.

Training camp is a busy few days, filled with teachings, worship, time spent getting to know your team and leaders, and having a blast.   


You will be staying in our training buildings on sleeping mats.  You will need to use your own sheets or sleeping bag – whichever you packed for your trip – and your own pillow.  Guys and girls will be in separate areas.  Note: Even if you don’t need bedding for the trip itself, you will need sheets/sleeping bag/pillow for training camp! 


We will have porta potties set up and a wonderful little shower schedule for you all. Your water bottle will be your best friend when it comes to brushing your teeth and washing your hands.  


Food will be prepared by our awesome kitchen staff!  We will provide large coolers of water for drinking/refilling your water bottle.  


A note on food allergies and preferences: While we understand that our bodies are built differently, the reality of the mission field is that you will rarely have much control over what is available for you to eat.  You will be served a variety of dishes overseas, and unless you have a serious food allergy, declining to eat a dish can be seen as offensive.

If you have a food allergy or intolerance listed on your Medical tab, we will make accommodations for you at training camp.  However, food is ordered weeks in advance, and if you do not inform us of these needs in advance, you will be expected to eat the food served, or make do.  

Vegetarians will need to make do with the main dishes served.  Food preferences will not be accommodated (so consider bringing some snacks if you would like).


You will be outdoors in the cool winter of Georgia. Plan for that and pop-up rain storms! Don’t forget your rain jacket and layers with a sweatshirt or sweater!

 puppy rain coat GIF

World Race Merch

Check out our swag HERE!  Merch will be available at training camp, so you can save on shipping costs from the online site. While at camp, you can purchase items using cash, credit card or debit card. 

the breakfast club flirting GIF


Bottom line: 

Training camp puts the ADVENTURE in MISSIONS.

See you soon!!


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